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Value of profit versus value of purpose

by Jochen Kressin

What is the purpose of an organization? Well, if you read the classic management books they will tell you that the most important purpose is to generate revenue and profit. That’s certainly important, since no company can survive without it. On the contrast, if you read any book of Peter Drucker, he will tell you […]

Disruption – and why big companies don’t get it

by Jochen Kressin

  We need some new disruptive ideas! Sounds familiar? Have you heard this sentence in your company before? Well, I certainly did, a number of times. Everybody is talking about how disruptive innovation can lead to phenomenal growth and that everyone should pursue it. And then – nothing. Some ideas are tossed around, but none […]

Leistungschutzrecht FTW or WTF?

by Jochen Kressin

You have probably never heard the term “Leistungsschutzrecht” before. And rightly so, because it is one of the most stupid concepts ever invented. It describes a new law currently discussed in Germany which will “protect” publisher from being robbed by Google. And although I’m referring to Germany in particular, such laws are debated all over […]

Business Models and Strategy in the digital domain, part I

by Jochen Kressin
Business Models and Strategy

When talking about business models with someone who is experienced in strategic management and especially familiar with the theories of Michal Porter, I often hear the following questions: Is a business model the same as strategy? How do business models relate to the domain of strategic management? If we already have the well-defined and thoroughly […]

Entrepreneurship Summit 2012 in Berlin

by Jochen Kressin

The Entrepreneurship Summit is a yearly event, initated by Prof. Faltin. The topic is, you might have guessed already, entrepreneurship all the way. I attended the event already last year and was impressed about the quality of the speakers and the talks. The speaker list in 2012 promised an exciting and interesting event as well, […]