There are a lot of books out there that deal directly or indirectly with business models in general and entrepreneurship in particular. I’ve collected some of the most important works in this area. The  include books and also some papers from researchers and consultants. The library is structured in the following way:

Everything that deals with business models in general.

  • What is a business model anyhow?
  •  Why do I need a business model?
  • How does it differ from strategy?

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Business models and business model innovation are the key factors for organizational growth in the 21th century.

  • How do business models and business model innovation contribute to organizational growth?
  • Is there such a thing as infinite growth?
  • Why are disruptive innovations superior to sustaining innovations when it comes to organizational growth?
  • How can I implement the disruptive growth engine in exisiting companies?
  • Why do some companies innovate and grow, while others decline?

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Business models are popular especially in the are of entrepreneurship.

  • Burn your business plan – business models for the win
  • Lean startup methodologies
  • Why is it so important to test each and every aspect of your business model?
  • Prepare for change – how to get to plan B that work

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Ah … my favourite! The digital economy changes the way we think, interact and communicate. We’re again in an era of radical change, and the digital economy makes business model innovation not only possible, but necessary. It has never been easier to start a new business with a totally new business model for markets that do not exist yet. If you don’t start your business now, then you probably never will.

  • How does the digital economy change society and economy?
  • Opportunities and challenges – how to benefit from these changes
  • Does the internet really lead to the freeconomy? What pricing models and revenue streams are possible
  • Mobile, mobile, mobile – the dawn of a new era

All titles in category “Digital Economy”