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Customer Segments & Value Proposition: What comes first?

by Jochen Kressin

Working with the BM Canvas I love the business model canvas. I really do. For me it is an ideal tool to work on and fine-tune your business model, and it works great in workshops with customers too. At the end of such a workshop my client has a better, deeper understanding of her business, knows […]

When is it time to stop your business?

by Jochen Kressin
Money down the drain

Stopping a Startup Ah, we all love entrepreneurship. There’s something exciting and thrilling about bringing the brilliant idea you had in the shower to life and make a multi-billion company out of it. We all like to start new things. But we also know that the majority of startups will fail to turn into a sustainable […]

Leistungschutzrecht FTW or WTF?

by Jochen Kressin

You have probably never heard the term “Leistungsschutzrecht” before. And rightly so, because it is one of the most stupid concepts ever invented. It describes a new law currently discussed in Germany which will “protect” publisher from being robbed by Google. And although I’m referring to Germany in particular, such laws are debated all over […]

Business Models and Strategy in the digital domain, part I

by Jochen Kressin
Business Models and Strategy

When talking about business models with someone who is experienced in strategic management and especially familiar with the theories of Michal Porter, I often hear the following questions: Is a business model the same as strategy? How do business models relate to the domain of strategic management? If we already have the well-defined and thoroughly […]